Class A Luxury Chicago Apartment Market Update – February 2021

Hello Clients, Colleagues and Friends, Prior to 2020 every panel, article, or conversation about the Chicago apartment market turned to some variation of “how much higher can rent prices go”? With an average of 3-5% rent growth annually for the better part of a decade, it had to stop at some point. And in the […]

Luxury Living Chicago Realty Named A Finalist in PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards

For the second year in a row, Luxury Living Chicago Realty has been named a Finalist and one of two submissions that earned an Honorable Mention in PR Daily’s 2020 Content Marketing Awards for the category of Lead Generation. In our submission titled, Empowering our Audience through Inbound Marketing, we highlighted metrics we track to […]

An Open Letter to The Chicago Class A Multifamily Industry

Over the first three and half months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw the Class A multifamily market remain surprisingly strong during this unprecedented time. Unfortunately, that time is over.

Apartment Leasing Has Changed For The Better: How To Succeed With Multiple Leasing Options

Apartment hunting as we know it has changed. As the owner of a brokerage firm specializing in apartment leasing, I have seen the current pandemic dramatically shift how apartments are being marketed and leased.

How To Convert Apartment Website Traffic To Leases

The apartment leasing industry is currently in its busy season. This busy season looks very different from last year’s, which is why marketing efforts and website strategy must be designed to convert traffic to leases.

How to Improve Remote Leasing Efforts with Video

Video tours are now the most important leasing tool. If you haven’t already, start building a database of videos for your apartment building. As we enter peak leasing season, here are a few ways to improve your remote leasing efforts with video.

How To Lease An Apartment Sight Unseen

Leasing an apartment sight unseen to a client happens, but is usually the exception and not the rule. But in today’s leasing environment, sight unseen is the new reality.

Luxury Living Chicago Realty Analyzes 2019 Lease Data To Gain Insight on Chicago’s Class A Renters

Luxury Living Chicago Realty (LLCR) analyzed data from 1,708 renters across the company’s 2019 exclusive leasing portfolio to better understand who the renters are, what they do for a living and where they are coming from.

Interview with Aaron Galvin: Rental Shortage Prediction

In wide-ranging Q&A with The Real Deal, Luxury Living CEO, Aaron Galvin, discusses the trends and predictions he anticipates for Chicago's luxury apartment and condo market.

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