Remote Showings in 2020


Site-Unseen Leases in 2020


Remote Showing to Application Ratio


Increase in Remote Showings

“The current pandemic has dramatically shifted how apartments are being marketed and leased”

Flexible Tour Options

Each of our properties is equipped with flexible contact forms, scheduling tools, and workflows to accommodate remote, self-guided, or in-person tours. Each has been adapted to provide a tailored experience to match the comfort level of our renters.

Consistent Messaging

Clear messaging prior to and after a tour helps renters feel comfortable selecting a new apartment without visiting in-person. From clicking on a paid ad, visiting the website, to receiving a custom marketing email, each touchpoint is consistent with our leasing process.

Video & 3D

Videos and virtual walkthroughs are the most important tool in remote leasing. We’ve created a database of hundreds of high-quality videos to capture everything a customer would experience in-person, including walkthroughs of each unit, front entry, lobby, hallways, and amenities.


Photography is the first impression in a digital landscape. Professional, high resolution images are now more important than ever in a remote leasing environment to highlight the unique attributes of the details and finishes.

Branded Tools

With LLCR, you have the benefit of all collateral and videos receiving property-specific branding, simplified video conference invites, and professional, user-friendly tools to create a memorable leasing experience.

Extensive Training

Our technology-enabled service platforms are matched with well-trained agents capable of selling in varying environments. Every member of our senior management and leadership team has shadowed a remote showing with our sales teams to collaboratively improve the experience.

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