Chicago Luxury
Apartment Market Update

Thank you to the 300+ multifamily community members who attended our virtual event on March 3, 2021.


Aaron Galvin

Founder & CEO

Luxury Living Chicago Realty

Mark Ziemke

Director of Leasing Strategy

Luxury Living Chicago Realty

Tristen Heimann

Director of Residential Rentals

Luxury Living Chicago Realty

Will Renner

Managing Director


Tricia Van Horn

Vice President,
Marketing and Communications

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Jon Schneider

Senior Vice President,
Asset Management Principal

Fifield Co

“The pandemic has brought us together in a unique way. Whether you’re a developer, industry colleague, renter, or anyone else, we have all experienced similar feelings of fear, uncertainty, confusion, and now, hope, as we live through a pandemic. As we move forward, it’s going to take listening, empathy, respect, courage, grit, and patience to restore the downtown Chicago luxury apartment market to prominence.”

—Aaron Galvin

CEO of Luxury Living Chicago Realty


4:00PM CST

Welcome and Keynote


CEO Aaron Galvin shares his vision for a path towards incremental rent increases, value preservation, and a road to recovery after challenges faced in 2020.

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4:20PM CST

Market Report: Hear unique data insights about Chicago’s luxury apartment renters


Director of Leasing Strategy Mark Ziemke dives into Luxury Living Chicago Realty’s exclusive data, sharing demographics, pricing, and trends in the market.

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4:40PM CST

Luxury Renter Perspective


Director of Residential Rentals Tristen Heimann interviews a luxury renter about their recent experience finding an apartment and shares common feedback he is hearing from his clients.

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5:00PM CST

View from the Trenches: Hear from Chicago’s top luxury multifamily developers




TRICIA VAN HORN   Related Midwest

CEO Aaron Galvin moderates a panel of seasoned and well respected luxury developers discussing the day to day challenges of meeting Class A renter expectations and preserving value in a continued pandemic environment.

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